Consultation & Project Development

Since 2018, iExploTech has assisted CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) for Blockchain, DTL and DApps development; and Blockchain security assessment and testing. Until now, Dr. Mohd Anuar still continues as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the CSM for helping Malaysia to explore and implement DLT technology. Started in 2019, iExploTech also energetically assisting CSM and Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (IPTM) to establish national blockchain networks, the prototype version called IPTMnet. This project will be implemented in the Rancangan Malaysia Ke-12 (RMK-12) for five years (2021 until 2025). The purpose of this project is to enable collaborative development, testing, verification and maintenance of DLT and DApps prototypes and applications between CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) and local universities.


In 2020, iExploTech actively assisting Telekom Malaysia (TM One) and TechCapital to deploy IR4.0 for Digitizing Malaysian Factories. For this project, iExploTech is assisting the development of Customized Edge Computing Devices; Lightweight Embedded Operating System; power source and energy monitoring devices; Blockchain for Edge identity identification and verification; Blockchain and Smart Contract practice for data immutability and integrity for MQTT machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocols; and network encryption/decryption tunnel for all connectivity protocols.

We also developing blockchain, smart contract and Dapps developments for UNITEN and TNB Research for a smart meter. As a classified project, we are not elaborate on this further. We have succeeded in developed blockchain mobile Dapps for UTEM. UTEM and iExploTech have demonstrated the Dapps to Dato' Michael Tio, CEO, Pelabuhan Klang Transport (PKT) for implementation in the PKT and other related core business. Other than that, we have more than 5 development projects with other IPTA for various prototype developments.

Since 2015, iExploTech actively conducted various training and workshop for industries and universities. These knowledge and skill have improved the human capital for various organizations in Malaysia and Japan. Blockchain, Mobile Applications, IoT, Programming, etc. are the examples coursework offered by iExploTech. iExploTech also provide professional training and examination for some blockchain related technologies.

Upcoming January 2021, iExploTech will assist UiTM Shah Alam to develop a Micro-Credential Blockchain-Based Digital Certificate. This blockchain system allows various education certificates to be issued and verify through Smart Contract using a permissioned blockchain network. We also have new initial-works to assist SIRIM and UKM to employ a smart contract for certification systems. At UPM, we have a new collaboration with grant funding to design a new blockchain consensus algorithm together with formal methods as a formal proof tool. Other than that, we have at least 7 potential development projects with other IPTA/S for various prototype developments.